The Final Season:

Self Care for Mind, Body and Soul through Music, Horses and Creativity

Twelve CEUs offered for Florida Licensed Massage Therapists

A unique and personally instructive journey engaging with the musical experience of Holotropic Breathwork™ together with amazing insights that Horses can reveal about ourselves (without ever riding one), while Creativity through art mediums awaken our curiosity. All offer powerful, life enriching experiences of self- discovery.

Benefits include:
. Developing skills that will enhance how we see all our relationships in life
. Understanding and potentially changing root causes of
physical and/or emotional pain
. Strengthening pathways to overcoming fears and vulnerabilities
Horse Assisted Experiences can guide us into a soul-
connection with self while Holotropic Breathwork™ and Creativity offer opportunities to access the wisdom of one’s non conscious mind in a safe and fullfilling way.

FALL DATES 2017: Sept. 22/23 HBW+ Creativity ******

Oct. 20-22, Fri. eve + full w/end HBW+Horses+Creativity ***** Nov. 10/11 HBW+Horses ***** Dec. 8/9 HBW+Horses

WINTER DATES 2018: Jan. 19/20 HBW+Horses ***** Feb. 9/10

HBW+Horses *****

Feb. 23-25, Fri. eve + full w/end HBW+Horses+Creativity

REGISTRATION: Diane Molony Ph.727.580.4477

Workshop Times: Friday eve 7-10pm & Saturday 9-6pm (Sunday 9-3pm)

in Tarpon Springs. Fl.

Experience: None required in any category

FEES: 1 ½ day w/shop=$250.00 – 2 ½ day w/shop=$425.00. Cash or check only These gatherings are limited to 5 people per w/shop. All workshops are facilitated by qualified instructors. For more information and testimonials

www.INSIDEOUTDISCOVERIES.COM Artwork by Diane Molony